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We have lockdown but Nati is working hard! Bajofondo invited Nati for a collaboration. The song is called „Будем танцевать (Listo Pa’Bailar)“ and was released on 12th March 2021.

Check the official videoclip. Nati looks great!

The song is sang in spanish and russian. Tomorrow (26th March 2021) the EP will be released and we can finally hear the full song in spanish or russian! Isn’t that cool?

I just can’t wait!
Till this moment I have some screenshots from the videoclip. Enjoy them!
Videoclips > 2021 > Bajofondo feat. Natalia Oreiro – Будем танцевать (Listo Pa’Bailar)

And here is the current cover of the single and EP.
CDs & DVDs > CDs > Bajofondo feat. Natalia Oreiro – Будем танцевать (Listo Pa’Bailar)

Now enjoy the huge update! 🎻🎹

Here we go with a new promo video for the new show Got Talent Uruguay. The show will aired soon! Just can’t wait. 😍

Check out the new video! 😎

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I found on the internet a HUGE AMAZING video as a tribute to Nati’s music career! The US fanclub did an amazing work! So much talent to cut this videos and find all the lovely interviews with Nati! This video is worth to see it in the whole! ❤❤🤩

Just check this out! I LOVE IT! 😍😍😍

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Natalia just gave an interview where she is talking about her motherhood and the quarantine.

Natalia was invited after a long time for an interview at Telefe, because of it’s 30th anniversary. Of course Muñeca Brava was the big topic!
Nati gave an extensive note from her home in the first episode of Juntos Podemos Lograrlo, with Santiago del Moro. She reviewed her career, spoke about her 19-year relationship with Ricardo Mollo and told how she lives motherhood during quarantine.

„Did you see yourself married and with children?“ Asked del Moro.

„No, not even on hooks! In fact I always respected the women who have that dream a lot, but it was not something I felt. I was always in love with love, very romantic and idealized relationships.“

she said, adding that

„when they asked me when I was going to have children, I said ‚how much pressure.‘ Today it is more natural for women to decide their times, luckily the world is changing a lot in that sense.“

Natalia pointed out that the quarantine allowed her to get much closer to her son, Atahualpa. To whom she tells the truth about what happens in the world with the coronavirus pandemic, but without giving him excessive information to avoid distress.

“He is a boy who loves to travel, with which he accompanies me a lot, but when I travel it is for work so I don’t always have the time and the desire to dedicate him. When you work a lot, you arrive very tired and it is an excuse, but it is the reality.”

said the singer in relation to the tours she makes in various parts of the world.

Nati tells that for this reason, the quarantine allowed her to live other times with her little one:

“It is a good situation to look at each other, get to know each other, have fun, listen to each other … I am lucky that my son tells me everything that happens to him. For now he is a child who can clearly express his emotions: if he is happy, if something hurts, why it hurts, if it bothers him, and he is very respectful. It is good because the bond is very healthy. Yesterday I listened to him talk to one of his friends and I think that for them, social distance must be very hard, because I don’t think there are many boys who are dying to do homework, but what most happens to them is not seeing their friends.”

related the actress of her eight-year-old son.

Regarding to her role as a mother, Natalia defined herself as “overprotective” and said that it is something that she is “learning” not to be:

“It is an everyday job, not from now. I feel like being a mother is having your heart outside your body. Wherever I am, I’m thinking if he ate, if he bathed, if he brushed his teeth, if he lay down to sleep, if it’s cold … I am one of those who overcoats them, and he always says ‚mom, I’m hot‘.”

she laughed.

“We made the decision to stay home a week before quarantine was made mandatory. When all this happens, because it is going to happen… you have to think about it. It is going to happen, because sometimes one gets anguished … I had two weeks ago days of crying that I thought ‚why am I crying?‘ Well, for everything that is happening.“

she said.

And she talked about how she will handle her overprotection with her son when social isolation ends and everything returns to normal:

„I don’t want to think about it all my life, because it makes me so anxious that I’m going to go with the jar of desinfection gel and I’m going to throw it like this all the time.”

On the other hand, she mentioned that it was important for her to take care of herself of body and mind to get out of this situation:

„I feel that it is important to be strong with food, your immune system works with what you eat and what you think. So I think that all this must be worked on. What enters our body, what it thinks, what messages we let in, what message not, joy and perhaps it sounds a bit naive but I feel that at this moment. It is a time to rethink certain patterns that people have that we do not take care of ourselves as we should, we worry about unnecessary things.“

she said.
And she added:

“At this moment we realize that we need very little to live. We want to be with our family, go for a walk and sometimes you worry about absolutely unnecessary things, so it seems to me that this is the good thing that we can learn.“

she concluded.


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All over the world there are shows, where all the musicians are giving concerts from their living room. ☺ This one is called #EntreTodosFest. Natalia was also invited. Just check her show. 😉

Nati sang Cambio Dolor and talked with the moderators. As you can see, they also have a distance of 2 meters. 😉 This is correct!

Stay safe and healthy everyone!🙏🏻

Natalia loves to support all the people around the world. What I found is Nati’s message to Uruguay, to help people with buying food. See Nati’s message here at the official instagram from Canastas Uruguay:

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Nati and Ata just found the Easter Rabbit! Nati posted this super cute video. And Ata found a huge Easter Egg! Just check it out right now:
Nati’s social media > Nati’s VK: 2020

Now there is the proof as a video:

Nati also posted this message:


I looove this post! SO lovely! ❤❤😍😍😍

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Nati was yesterday live on VK! It was superb! I was happy to see Nati live in this ugly times. 😊 Now check the whole video with Natalia, in case you could not be online yesterday.

Germany is also greeting you Nati! ❤❤😍😍
Stay healthy! 🙏🏻

Nati sends everywhere messages to all people all over the world during this ugly quarantine… Check all the videos I just upload on Youtube. 😊

Nati record a message for the ANDA customers:

The next video is a solidarity video with all the people of Argentina: #ArgentinaCanta. Like in every country stars are singing for the humanity. Or are doing a livingroom concert. Here is Nati singing with Ricardo and other 30 stars the song “Como la cigarra”. If you seek Nati, wait till the end. 😉 The video was posted on the 26/03/2020.

Going back these days, Nati recored for UNICEF Argentina a lovely video, where she is reading a book for the younger ones staying at home. Natalia and Pakapaka read the book „Los guardasecretos“ by Graciela Repún. This video was posted on the 25/03/2020.

The current video is for the argentinian TV canal Television publica. Natalia read a book „El libro de los abrazos“ by Eduardo Galeano. Ricardo played his guitar in the background. This video is goosebump giving… Check it out:

Now check this videos! It’s pretty nice to see Nati during this hard times, we are now in… 😊
Stay healthy!🙏🏻

Not only Santa Evita will be put on september, but GTU is also delayed to june 2020. The show will be aired on august 2020. A member of the jury posted a short news:
TV Series & TV Shows > Got Talent Uruguay > Backstage > Mixed

Natalia is also sending some greetings for the @nopasanadachina on instagram! Check it out:

Stay healthy! 🙏🏻