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You can find Nati on a brand new cover of the Hola! Magazine!
I am sooo happy! Finally some interviews and a photoshoot with Nati. How I adore photoshoots!

You can also check the whole interview at the Hola! website. Click HERE.
Now enjoy the photoshoot.
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Natalia Oreiro has applied for Russian citizenship, she confessed herself it in an interview.
Nati first came to Russia in 2001 and has traveled to this country almost every year. She told the Russian TASS agency that the reason came up during a visit she made to the Russian embassy in Argentina.

„I said it would be an honor for me“

to apply for the country’s passport, said Nati, who has many fans in Russia.
Later, she said, she had to fill out many papers and now her case is being studied.
Nati also announced that she plans to tour Russia next year.

„When the pandemic ends I will go and sing there. We will celebrate 2021 together!“

said Nati, the UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for the Río de la Plata.
The artist recalled that she also planned to travel to Russia this year, but the tour was canceled at the beginning of the year for reasons that do not depend on her, but on the tour organizers.
So she insists that the price of tickets for the canceled concerts be returned to her fans.
Foreign celebrities who have already received the Russian passport after formally applying for it include French actor Gerard Depardieu and his American colleague Steven Seagal.
The legendary Italian actress, Ornella Muti, confessed last year that she is also studying that possibility, since she has a residence permit in the country, and has already started to learn Russian.


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Natalia just gave an interview where she is talking about her motherhood and the quarantine.

Natalia was invited after a long time for an interview at Telefe, because of it’s 30th anniversary. Of course Muñeca Brava was the big topic!
Nati gave an extensive note from her home in the first episode of Juntos Podemos Lograrlo, with Santiago del Moro. She reviewed her career, spoke about her 19-year relationship with Ricardo Mollo and told how she lives motherhood during quarantine.

„Did you see yourself married and with children?“ Asked del Moro.

„No, not even on hooks! In fact I always respected the women who have that dream a lot, but it was not something I felt. I was always in love with love, very romantic and idealized relationships.“

she said, adding that

„when they asked me when I was going to have children, I said ‚how much pressure.‘ Today it is more natural for women to decide their times, luckily the world is changing a lot in that sense.“

Natalia pointed out that the quarantine allowed her to get much closer to her son, Atahualpa. To whom she tells the truth about what happens in the world with the coronavirus pandemic, but without giving him excessive information to avoid distress.

“He is a boy who loves to travel, with which he accompanies me a lot, but when I travel it is for work so I don’t always have the time and the desire to dedicate him. When you work a lot, you arrive very tired and it is an excuse, but it is the reality.”

said the singer in relation to the tours she makes in various parts of the world.

Nati tells that for this reason, the quarantine allowed her to live other times with her little one:

“It is a good situation to look at each other, get to know each other, have fun, listen to each other … I am lucky that my son tells me everything that happens to him. For now he is a child who can clearly express his emotions: if he is happy, if something hurts, why it hurts, if it bothers him, and he is very respectful. It is good because the bond is very healthy. Yesterday I listened to him talk to one of his friends and I think that for them, social distance must be very hard, because I don’t think there are many boys who are dying to do homework, but what most happens to them is not seeing their friends.”

related the actress of her eight-year-old son.

Regarding to her role as a mother, Natalia defined herself as “overprotective” and said that it is something that she is “learning” not to be:

“It is an everyday job, not from now. I feel like being a mother is having your heart outside your body. Wherever I am, I’m thinking if he ate, if he bathed, if he brushed his teeth, if he lay down to sleep, if it’s cold … I am one of those who overcoats them, and he always says ‚mom, I’m hot‘.”

she laughed.

“We made the decision to stay home a week before quarantine was made mandatory. When all this happens, because it is going to happen… you have to think about it. It is going to happen, because sometimes one gets anguished … I had two weeks ago days of crying that I thought ‚why am I crying?‘ Well, for everything that is happening.“

she said.

And she talked about how she will handle her overprotection with her son when social isolation ends and everything returns to normal:

„I don’t want to think about it all my life, because it makes me so anxious that I’m going to go with the jar of desinfection gel and I’m going to throw it like this all the time.”

On the other hand, she mentioned that it was important for her to take care of herself of body and mind to get out of this situation:

„I feel that it is important to be strong with food, your immune system works with what you eat and what you think. So I think that all this must be worked on. What enters our body, what it thinks, what messages we let in, what message not, joy and perhaps it sounds a bit naive but I feel that at this moment. It is a time to rethink certain patterns that people have that we do not take care of ourselves as we should, we worry about unnecessary things.“

she said.
And she added:

“At this moment we realize that we need very little to live. We want to be with our family, go for a walk and sometimes you worry about absolutely unnecessary things, so it seems to me that this is the good thing that we can learn.“

she concluded.


Natalia Oreiro told how she prepares to be Eva Perón: „I feel fear in front of such a character“
In May she will begin to record the seven chapter series: Santa Evita. After a long silence, she finally spoke to Clarín.

Natalia cannot hide the emotion. Since it was confirmed that she will play Eva Perón in the miniseries Santa Evita, a seven-episode production that will begin its‘ filming in May 2020 under the direction of the Colombian Rodrigo García and that will be seen next year, less and nothing was known about the actress and singer. No statement.

However, a call – Nati gets interrupted by one of the two weekly singing classes that she has taken for years, wherever she is in the world – makes Natalia open up and share what she can say about this project, which is a co-production of Non Stop and Buena Vista Original Productions (a division of Disney), producer of hits like Monzón, Selena’s Secret, El César and Until I Met You. And that involves more famous names, such as Salma Hayek (in executive production), Darío Grandinetti (he will play Juan Domingo Perón) and Ernesto Alterio (will be Colonel Moori Koenig).

„First of all, I am grateful,“

Natalia Oreiro begins to unravel her feelings.

„Later, I feel that it is the greatest challenge of my artistic career. And finally I have to confess that I am afraid of such a character.“

Strictly speaking Nati had never dreamed of playing this role (asshe already played Gilda and she did it in a very successful film. Also she intends to play the heroine of independence Juana Azurduy in a few). What comes more, a few years ago other producers had offered her the role of Evita and she rejected it.

„At the time, I didn’t feel like I had the ability to do it,“

she says with brutal honesty.

She already played Evita in 2017. It was at the very exclusive birthday party for Russian billionaire Len Blavatnik. In a white dress and combed hairstyle, Nati (accompanied by Alan Faena, dressed as Juan Domingo Perón) dazzled the guests with his version of Don’t cry for me Argentina, from the balcony of the castle where the party was held.

What changed then for the actress to decide to get into Eva’s shoes? That when Natalia was asked to the audition for this version of Santa Evita – based on Tomás Eloy Martínez’s book- she asked who was going to direct it. And it shut down complety that it was Rodrigo García, who in addition to being the son of Gabriel García Márquez, is a director who she admires and who saw much of his work (let’s name a few: 10 little love stories, Nine lives, Last days in the desert, the movies; and episodes of series such as Los Soprano, Six Feet Under, Big Love and In Treatment, on TV).

„Well, in October or November 2019 I did the casting. There were three different scenes from Evita, which are in the series. I also had an one-hour talk with Rodrigo García, on Skype. When they told me that I had been chosen, I was frozen. That’s when the gratitude, the challenge and the fear began to arrive.“

says Natalia, who despite starting to shoot in two months, says she is „emotionally taken“ by the character.

„I have already started to read and watch everything I can about Eva Perón, she seems to me the most important woman on a spiritual and political level in all of history, so perhaps I hesitated so long to do it,“

Nati said.

„But I already have put my heart, soul and body into it.“

True to her obsessive method of approaching her characters, Natalia began working with three different people to play Evita: a vocal coach, an acting coach, and also another actress, to study various aspects of composition.

An antiquarian friend also began to supply her with clothing and objects from the decade in which Evita lived until he became an inescapable figure in the argentinian history.

And she laughs when she’s asked about the hair color.

„Of course I’m going to dye the color required to the character. I read around that I had demanded blonde wigs so I wanted not to hurt my hair. Hahaha, they don’t know me at all. I had a lot hairstyles with different colors for each of my characters. Look if I’m not going to dye for Evita, then which is the most important thing I have to do?“

But the hair, she says, is

„a detail. The important thing is the whole thing: putting the voice, the body, the heart, the soul … That is why I tell you that I am emotionally taken by Evita.“

Santa Evita will contain more argentinian names on its production. The theatrical director, screenwriter and director Alejandro Maci is listed as a co-director of Rodrigo García. And the adaptation of the novel by Tomás Eloy Martínez is in charge of Marcela Guerty and Pamela Rementería.

The plot follows the intriguing story of Eva Perón after her death (July 26, 1952), when her body was kept waiting to be buried in a monument.

By Clarin.

Nati is currently to find in Canelones, Uruguay. She’s preparing for the next casting show for Got Talent Uruguay. There already fans catching Nati:


And here’s a super cute interview, where Nati is tellibng about her new experience as a moderator for this kind of show! Don’t miss it!

Nati was also catched in Canelones riding her bike! Check the lovely video made by fans! Thank for that! 🙏🏻

Enjoy! 😊

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I provide you now all the photos and videos from Nati’s stay in Sochi! So, let’s go!

First: Nati’s rehearsal for the after party at New Wave.



Natalia sang her songs: Cambio dolor, Que si, Que si, Rio de la plata, Me muero de amor, Tu Veneno, United by love,
Watch the video snippets picked together:




Here is a video from the red carpet:

And now the main show with Natalia:

Natalia sang with the russian singer Roberto Kel Torres Acapulco.

After this long day Nati found time to meet her russian fans.

Here it is: The video with her fans:

Enjoy the biiig update! 🙂

Nati suprised Facundo Arana at a TV show on 7th May, while he was giving an interview.

Facundo remembered some real good times on ‚Muñeca Brava‘. He said about the telenovela that it „was an unexpected dream, really. It was like going to sleep one day and have the best dream of your life and a dream that you do not expect to repeat because it simply happened“. He had nothing to complain.
Then suddenly a greeting from Nati was shown, where she said „Facu, I love you with all my soul, with all my heart. Since we started to meet in ‚Muñeca Brava‘, we became great companions. I can assure you that in ‚Sos mi vida‘ we became brothers, great friends of the soul, of the heart and of life and you will always be here, in my heart. I love you a lot“.
A really lovely suprise! 🙂

Now check the video with the interview and the suprise call. 😉