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Nati and Ata just found the Easter Rabbit! Nati posted this super cute video. And Ata found a huge Easter Egg! Just check it out right now:
Nati’s social media > Nati’s VK: 2020

Now there is the proof as a video:

Nati also posted this message:


I looove this post! SO lovely! ❤❤😍😍😍

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Nati was yesterday live on VK! It was superb! I was happy to see Nati live in this ugly times. 😊 Now check the whole video with Natalia, in case you could not be online yesterday.

Germany is also greeting you Nati! ❤❤😍😍
Stay healthy! 🙏🏻

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Guys! Natalia will be tomorrow live on VK! Check Nati’s invitation:
Miscellaneous > Meet’n’Greet > 2020 > 31 mar | VK Live invitation

Hola a todos!Espero que estén bien!
El martes 31.03.2020 a las 21:00 (hora Moscú)/15:00 (hora Argentina) voy a estar en vivo vk live. Podremos vernos, hablar e incluso cantar juntos.
Escriban en los comentarios las canciones que les gustaría escuchar.
✔ Los que no estén registrados en Vk podrán ver la transmisión en directo en siguiente enlace

Natalia will be live on VK at the 31/03/2020 at 21 o’clock (Moscow time)/ 15 o’clock (Argentinian time). She will talk and sing with us fans. You should write now which songs Nati should sing in her comments. 😊

Stay healthy! 🙏🏻

Nati sends everywhere messages to all people all over the world during this ugly quarantine… Check all the videos I just upload on Youtube. 😊

Nati record a message for the ANDA customers:

The next video is a solidarity video with all the people of Argentina: #ArgentinaCanta. Like in every country stars are singing for the humanity. Or are doing a livingroom concert. Here is Nati singing with Ricardo and other 30 stars the song “Como la cigarra”. If you seek Nati, wait till the end. 😉 The video was posted on the 26/03/2020.

Going back these days, Nati recored for UNICEF Argentina a lovely video, where she is reading a book for the younger ones staying at home. Natalia and Pakapaka read the book „Los guardasecretos“ by Graciela Repún. This video was posted on the 25/03/2020.

The current video is for the argentinian TV canal Television publica. Natalia read a book „El libro de los abrazos“ by Eduardo Galeano. Ricardo played his guitar in the background. This video is goosebump giving… Check it out:

Now check this videos! It’s pretty nice to see Nati during this hard times, we are now in… 😊
Stay healthy!🙏🏻

Natalia just posted on her VK a message according the cancelled tour in Russia. It looks like there are more then only a delayed show. Just check the message translated into english:

‼ Dear friends, I hope you are all healthy and close to your families.
I am writing to you because I don’t like that they lie and that you receive false information.
As I already told you a few weeks earlier, the “20 years together” tour, which we were planning to do in spring in various cities of Russia, was canceled for reasons that have nothing to do with me.
I repeat, I do not like lies and therefore I want to explain and tell you that neither I, nor a single person from my team received a ruble/dollar/euro for this tour. No one.
We also did not receive tickets, visas, prepayments for expenses and nothing else back. On the contrary I invested a lot of time and money (which no one will return to me) to prepare a tour, buy beautiful costumes, make music production, visual scenery, special effects, etc. Let no one lie to you, saying that it was somehow different.
I know that many of you have made great efforts to buy tickets, and therefore I ask you not to stand aside, but to demand money for every ticket you buy.
Fight for your rights and do not let anyone cheat or misappropriate your money.
I am very upset and angry because of everything that happened, but no one and nothing can separate us and soon we will begin to think about a new beautiful tour of my beloved Russia in order to sing with you.
Ich liebe dich ❤

Nati come to Europe! I will be there! ♥

Nati posted 2 days a go an ad for Black Pearl.

Nati posted today her preps for … GTU or her new movie? Just check the image:

Quédate contigo y jamás te abandones.

That’s what Nati says: Stay with you and never leave.

Amen Nati! That’s true! ❤🙏🏻💕

Nati just posted a super cute video on her VK. It’s all for todays Valentine’s Day. Check it out.

Heres what Nati posted:

Feliz día de los enamorados!

Happy Valentine’s Day 2020 ya’ll! ❤💕❤💕

I just upload all the new photos Nati posted on her VK. It’s mostly of the time spend filming the new movie Reinas salvajes.


Enjoy them! 🤗

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Hi Nati Lovers!

It’s been a quite long time I wasn’t online. I just prepare my masterthesis.
But I found some space to add all the photos Nati posted on VK. 😃


Enjoy this update. 😉

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Nati posted a new photo backstage of her preparing for filming the movie La noche mágica.

Arranco la peli #LaNocheMagica
Preparándome para la jornada nocturna ⭐🎬

Nati is preparing for the night shift. 😉
We can’t wait. 😃