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Dear Nati!
I wish you all the Best and a very very happy Birthday today! 🍾


Let’s PARTY! 🥳

Your Nicky from 💌

Dear Natalia,

I wish you all the Best for your big day today! ♥ ♥

Have a super happy day! ♥ ♥

Your #1 FanGirl Nicky ♥ ♥

Nati is posting some backstage photos from GTU. The second season is right now beiing recorded in Uruguay.

Nati has posted this days some photos backstage showing her brand new style.
Just check the new photos Nati posted:
TV Series & TV Shows > Got Talent Uruguay > Season 2 > Backstage – season 2 – 11 april 2021

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TV Series & TV Shows > Got Talent Uruguay > Season 2 > Backstage – season 2 – 14 april 2021
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GTU is also airing this days. 🥳

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We have lockdown but Nati is working hard! Bajofondo invited Nati for a collaboration. The song is called „Будем танцевать (Listo Pa’Bailar)“ and was released on 12th March 2021.

Check the official videoclip. Nati looks great!

The song is sang in spanish and russian. Tomorrow (26th March 2021) the EP will be released and we can finally hear the full song in spanish or russian! Isn’t that cool?

I just can’t wait!
Till this moment I have some screenshots from the videoclip. Enjoy them!
Videoclips > 2021 > Bajofondo feat. Natalia Oreiro – Будем танцевать (Listo Pa’Bailar)

And here is the current cover of the single and EP.
CDs & DVDs > CDs > Bajofondo feat. Natalia Oreiro – Будем танцевать (Listo Pa’Bailar)

Now enjoy the huge update! 🎻🎹

Since the lockdown around the world is getting boring… I made a fresh and brilliant new gallery desgin! 👌 Enjoy it and be sure to check the fansite soon for more updates and news!

Visit the gallery <<HERE>>

Enjoy! 🎉

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Natalia was on cover of the november issue of Caras. Check the photoshoot made for the cover.
Like usual, Nati has used her own labeled clothes, by Las Oreiro. 😉 And we looove it! 👌

Photoshoot > 2020 > Nov | Revista Caras


Now enjoy the colorful shoot! ✨🥳

PS: be ready for some changes! 🤩

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You can find Nati on a brand new cover of the Hola! Magazine!
I am sooo happy! Finally some interviews and a photoshoot with Nati. How I adore photoshoots!

You can also check the whole interview at the Hola! website. Click HERE.
Now enjoy the photoshoot.
Photoshoot > 2020 > Sep | Hola! Magazine


Enjoy! ❤

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YES! The famous Lyrics-Center is back again! You might remember it on Now it’s here on! 🥳

I changed the design, but didn’t changed the old one. So you will have some nostalgic feelings back again. 😉

I updated also all new tracks and you can just start to sing! Just click on the photo above and you will be directly directed to the center! Enjoy your stay!

HAVE FUN! 🎇🤩❤🥳

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Finally Nati has an instagram account! YAAAAAAY!! 🥳🥳


Be sure to follow Nati! 💕❤

I already upload her photos from instagram here:
Nati’s social media > Nati’s instagram 2020