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Natalia was on cover of the november issue of Caras. Check the photoshoot made for the cover.
Like usual, Nati has used her own labeled clothes, by Las Oreiro. 😉 And we looove it! 👌

Photoshoot > 2020 > Nov | Revista Caras


Now enjoy the colorful shoot! ✨🥳

PS: be ready for some changes! 🤩

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You can find Nati on a brand new cover of the Hola! Magazine!
I am sooo happy! Finally some interviews and a photoshoot with Nati. How I adore photoshoots!

You can also check the whole interview at the Hola! website. Click HERE.
Now enjoy the photoshoot.
Photoshoot > 2020 > Sep | Hola! Magazine


Enjoy! ❤

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YES! The famous Lyrics-Center is back again! You might remember it on Now it’s here on! 🥳

I changed the design, but didn’t changed the old one. So you will have some nostalgic feelings back again. 😉

I updated also all new tracks and you can just start to sing! Just click on the photo above and you will be directly directed to the center! Enjoy your stay!

HAVE FUN! 🎇🤩❤🥳

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Finally Nati has an instagram account! YAAAAAAY!! 🥳🥳


Be sure to follow Nati! 💕❤

I already upload her photos from instagram here:
Nati’s social media > Nati’s instagram 2020


I have some backstage photos from GTU. Last week and this weeks episodes. 🙂

TV Series & TV Shows > Got Talent Uruguay > Backstage > Backstage – 1st episode


TV Series & TV Shows > Got Talent Uruguay > Backstage > Backstage – 2nd Episode


Enjoy! 🙂

Remember: GTU is airing mondays, 21 o’clock on canal 10 UY.

Here we go with a new promo video for the new show Got Talent Uruguay. The show will aired soon! Just can’t wait. 😍

Check out the new video! 😎

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Natalia Oreiro has applied for Russian citizenship, she confessed herself it in an interview.
Nati first came to Russia in 2001 and has traveled to this country almost every year. She told the Russian TASS agency that the reason came up during a visit she made to the Russian embassy in Argentina.

“I said it would be an honor for me”

to apply for the country’s passport, said Nati, who has many fans in Russia.
Later, she said, she had to fill out many papers and now her case is being studied.
Nati also announced that she plans to tour Russia next year.

“When the pandemic ends I will go and sing there. We will celebrate 2021 together!”

said Nati, the UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for the Río de la Plata.
The artist recalled that she also planned to travel to Russia this year, but the tour was canceled at the beginning of the year for reasons that do not depend on her, but on the tour organizers.
So she insists that the price of tickets for the canceled concerts be returned to her fans.
Foreign celebrities who have already received the Russian passport after formally applying for it include French actor Gerard Depardieu and his American colleague Steven Seagal.
The legendary Italian actress, Ornella Muti, confessed last year that she is also studying that possibility, since she has a residence permit in the country, and has already started to learn Russian.


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Dear Nati!

Kick it high! It’s your 43rd Birthday! 🙌🏻 Yeah baby! 🤙🏻
I wish you all the Best today! 💕
I hope, even when the time is hard right now, you will have a crazy and funny Birthdayparty! 🥳🎇

Always Yours,
Nicky from ❤😍

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I found on the internet a HUGE AMAZING video as a tribute to Nati’s music career! The US fanclub did an amazing work! So much talent to cut this videos and find all the lovely interviews with Nati! This video is worth to see it in the whole! ❤❤🤩

Just check this out! I LOVE IT! 😍😍😍