Nati sends everywhere messages to all people all over the world during this ugly quarantine… Check all the videos I just upload on Youtube. 😊

Nati record a message for the ANDA customers:

The next video is a solidarity video with all the people of Argentina: #ArgentinaCanta. Like in every country stars are singing for the humanity. Or are doing a livingroom concert. Here is Nati singing with Ricardo and other 30 stars the song “Como la cigarra”. If you seek Nati, wait till the end. 😉 The video was posted on the 26/03/2020.

Going back these days, Nati recored for UNICEF Argentina a lovely video, where she is reading a book for the younger ones staying at home. Natalia and Pakapaka read the book „Los guardasecretos“ by Graciela Repún. This video was posted on the 25/03/2020.

The current video is for the argentinian TV canal Television publica. Natalia read a book „El libro de los abrazos“ by Eduardo Galeano. Ricardo played his guitar in the background. This video is goosebump giving… Check it out:

Now check this videos! It’s pretty nice to see Nati during this hard times, we are now in… 😊
Stay healthy!🙏🏻

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