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Natalia and Ricardo joined the Asociación Argentina de Managers Musicales ACMMA. The current situtation is hard for all shop owners and all owners around the world. This also hits the music industry. Natalia and Ricardo the this association to support the #quedateencasa campaign. The association has a note on it’s site about this hard time right now:

“From the Civil Association of Argentine Musical Managers it is intended to make visible through the video that the music in Argentina not only involves the musicians, but also assistants, Illuminators, sound artists, DJ’s, VJ’s, producers, sound technicians, recording, studios, carriers, electricians, assemblers, designers, riggers, loads, machinists, ushers, ticket agents, set designers, security and control personnel, press communicators, advertisers, merchandising vendors and manufacturers, employees and business owners of structures, lights, sound, video, energy, transport, logistics, HR, ticket machines, rooms, stadiums, theaters and catering, among many other items that are directly or indirectly involved in this great industry.”

Not to forget that music helps us through this hard times. Also a huge argument, that this industry can’t be forgotten.
At the end the Association asks the Government to consider policies so that the music industry does not collapse,

“because it is an industry that accompanies everyone without distinction of genres, ideologies or races.”

The hashtag of the initiative is #TODOSOMOSMUSICA.


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