Nati’s abc


Amanda O; Nati’s first online telenovela

Adrianna; Nati’s sister

Aburrida; Track from ‚Tu Veneno‘

Amor fatal; Track from ‚Turmalina‘

Alas de libertad; written by Natalia, from ‚Turmalina‘

Argentina; Nati’s homeplace =)

Ariola, Nati’s label


Argentino en nueva york; Nati’s first movie

Alta comedia; Nati’s first telenovela

Against AIDS; Nati made a photoshoot for this charity

Alberto; Nati’s Dad

Basta de ti; written by Natalia, from ‚Tu Veneno‘

Buenos Aires; Nati’s living place

Botines; Mini-TV-serial

Buy an island; Nati’s secret dream

BMG; Nati’s first record label

Brazil; Nati and Ricardo married here in 2001


Cleopatra; Nati’s second movie

Casablanca; telenovela (1998)

Caliente; track from ‚Tu Veneno‘

Cuesta arriba, cuesta abajo; Kachorra O.S.T., from ‚Turmalina‘

Cambio dolor; Munenca Brava O.S.T., from ‚Natalia Oreiro‘

C&A; Nati’s contract with this mode imperium

Claro; adversing for a telecomunication company

Celabridad del ano 1999; Nati’s first award

Coca Cola; one of Nati’s first ads

Como te olvido; Videoclip recored in Czech Republic

Christina Aguilera; ‚Tu Veneno‘ lost against ‚Mi Reflejo‘ from X-Tina

Cayendo; lyrics by Natalia

DoRiMedia; Contracted with Nati

De tu amor; Videoclip, from ‚Natalia Oreiro‘

Ducle Ana; Nati played Verónica Iturbe-Montalbán

De pe a pa; as guest, 2002

Deseo, El; Nati’s first erotic telenovela

Dar la palabra; Nati’s charity show, 2008

Designer; Naty designs clothes for her own label ‚Las Oreiro‘

Drink-Milk-project; Nati’s activity for drinking milk

December, 31.2001; Nati married Ricardo in Brazil

Dividos; Nati’s husbands famous musicband

Dark brown; Nati’s hair colour


E! Entertainment Television 2000; Nati’s second award

Estamos todos solos; track from ‚Tu Veneno‘ where Nati were a Co-Writer

Europe; Faszinated by Naty from her telenovela ‚Munenca Brava‘

Esclava; promoclip for the ‚OIM‘ organization


Family; one sister, parents

Facundo Arana; Ivo from ‚Munenca Brava‘ 😉

Former hairdresser; Natalia’s mum job

First touch with TV; teenageold made over 30 advertisments

Fernando López Rossi; Songwriter for ‚Natalia Oreiro


Guerra de los gimnasios, La; shortest movie with Nati

Gala de la hispanidad 1999; show from Spain

Gala de Murcia; ‚Tu Veneno‘ presentation

Greenpeace member

Gaviota de plata Awards 2001; award from Chile for ‚The Best Singer‘

Ghost Ship; Nati’s track ‚Caliente‘ was used for the O.S.T.

Green; Nati’s eye colour

Got talent Uruguay; Nati’s first time at the uruguayan TV


Huracán; Nati’s first single in Germany

House; Naty buies it for her own money 😉


Inconquistable corazón; first big role for Nati

Iglesias; Nati’s second surename



Kachorra; Natalia’s second telenovela, which didn’t became that much famous

Kike Santander; producer for ‚Turmalina‘


Lady Store; one of Nati’s promoted labels

Lays; chips that Nati promoted

Las Oreiro; Nati’s & Adrinna’s own fashin label and own boutique

Lies; dislikes

Lasagne; Nati’s favorite meal


Merlín Atahualpa Mollo; Nati’s first son

Munenca Brava; Nati’s claim to fame

90-60-90 Modelos; one of Nati’s first telenovelas

Marissa; Nati’s second name

Montevideo; Nati’s birthplace

Me muero de amor; Third single from ‚Natalia Oreiro‘

Mar; written and composed by Natalia

Melba; Nati’s mum


Natalia Oreiro; Nati’s first LP


Oriflame; for the russian edition Nati posed for Oriflame

OIM; member of the campaign against ’slaves‘

Occ; together with Greenpeace


Peli, La; Nati’s thrid movie

Presenter; profession

Pumpin‘ Dolls; remixer for Cambio Dolor

Pablo Durand; producer for ‚Natalia Oreiro‘ & ‚Tu veneno‘


Que digan lo que qieran; Nati’s first single from ‚Turmalina‘

Que si, que si; single from ‚Natalia Oreiro, O.S.T. for ‚Argentino en Nueva York‘


Rock; Nati’s favorite music

Ricos y famosos; one of Nati’s telenovelas

Recurso Natural; a show presented by Nati about the ecology

Red; her favorite colour

Rio de la plata; second single from ‚Tu Veneno‘

Russia; Nati’s #1 country for touring

Russian citizenship; Nati applies for it


Supermodel; Naty’s profession

Sos mi vida; second famous telenovela

Ser; one of Nati’s ads

Sedal; label for which Nati promoted ther shampoo

Singer; profession

Swimming; Nati’s favorite sports


Tu Veneno; Nati’s second LP

Turmalina; Nati’s third rock LP

Taurus; Nati’s zodiac sign

Tu Veneno; first single from ‚Tu Veneno‘

Todos me miran; Nati’s song written extra for Sedal


Unicef; Member of this campaign

Un sol para los ninos; Nati prepared a big show to donate money for poor children

Uruguay; nationality


V ritme tango; first russian-argentinian series

Vidas posibles, Las; First serious movie with Nati that was nominated in Cannes 2008


Wakolda; Nati’s drama movie about the time after the 2nd World War


XUXA; Nati’s first step to the showbusiness


Yoga; Nati’s practises yoga


Zakopane; Nati’s first silvester party in Europe, Poland!

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